Tips on Creating a Strong Password

It is strongly recommended that we use truly unique and secure passwords for all our accounts. Many of us make it simple is by using a password manager (which also includes a secure password generator). This type of software can create sophisticated passwords for your various accounts and then store them encrypted. If you use this type of software, all you have to remember is a password: the one that locks your password manager. But if someone got to know the password locking your password manager, they would have access to all your passwords. 

Creating a strong password that is long and complex can be hard to remember. A good strong password should be easy to remember but difficult for a hacker to crack. Fortunately, we have some tricks for you to create good passwords.

The first tip is to create longer passwords. The more characters you use, the harder it is for hackers to crack your password. 

Then try to make it easy to remember. The best way to create a hard-to-crack password is to come up with a sentence that you can easily remember and translate into code. Think of a catchy phrase first. It can be words from your favorite quote, poem or song or even your favorite food. 

For better encryption, create a password by using only the first letter of each word or removing the vowel of the sentence

There is another rule that you need to keep in mind: DO NOT create your password with information that is either accessible to others or forgotten easily. 

While some online systems require users to change their password at set intervals, it is said that individuals choose weaker passwords if they need to change them frequently. By following all the above tips, you can create a strong password easily.

To fully protect your accounts, you need extra security tools like a VPN service.

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