RitaVPN’s Halloween Deal Saves up to 55%

It is known to all that there are many tricks online. You should care for your web security and privacy by taking some precautions. If not, you will extremely vulnerable to malware affection, phishing, identity theft and so on. Fortunately, many VPN service providers are offering treats to their users. The most attractive treats are from RitaVPN – a reliable VPN service. You can save the most money by purchasing RitaVPN’s one-year plan. Come and join RitaVPN now!!!

Highlights of the Halloween deal from RitaVPN

The cheapest plan is the 1-year plan at $ 59.99

The lowest price starts from $ 1.99 per month

The special plan for Halloween is the auto-renewable plan that costs $1.99 for the first month

The discounts are only available for 7 days, from October 29th to November 4th

RitaVPN promotes its 1-year plan by giving users a 55% discount. If you’re considering a VPN for accessing locked content and want to secure your privacy, we recommend that you buy RitaVPN’s 1-year plan, which only costs you $ 5.00 per month. That’s just a cup of coffee. A good VPN deserves your money.

If you use your phone to surf the Internet for the most time, you should choose a plan that is specially promoted for mobile device users. RitaVPN’s auto-renewal plan is a good example. In addition, RitaVPN gives you a discount for this plan on Halloween. The first month of this plan costs you $1.99, which saves you up to 82%.

Unique features of RitaVPN

RitaVPN cares about your safety online and won’t share user data with any third parties. So, your online activity is invisible to your ISP. You can give speeches on hot topics freely by using RitaVPN. RitaVPN encrypts the data transmission between you and the website you visit. When you surf the Internet with RitaVPN, you can be sure that you are completely anonymous. 

RitaVPN uses the CA Authentication System (Asymmetric Key Certificate System). The most significant advantage of the asymmetric key system is its exceptionally unusual security. It provides an asymmetric 1024-bit cryptographic algorithm and promotes application layer VPN technology on the network protocol stack. In addition, the MD5 data encryption algorithm is used in the transmission process to ensure the integrity of the data.

In some cases, VPN service providers may be required to provide user data to the government. While RitaVPN won’t do so. Founded in 2017 in Hong Kong, it is managed by Weikawen Technology Limited. RitaVPN is a trustworthy VPN that allows you to encrypt your traffic and defeat geo-blocks.

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