Mozilla Launches ‘Firefox Private Network’ as a Browser Extension

Mozilla is looking forward to monetizing its Firefox web browser. Last year, it made a partnership with a VPN service provider (ProtonVPN) to provide VPN services to its users. Recently, the Firefox Private Network was launched to drive the monetization of Firefox.

Firefox Private Network is included in the Firefox web browser and works much like a VPN service. It hides your IP address online from spy eyes and protects your browsing activity from eavesdropping. This is a browser extension that focuses on users’ online privacy. It not only stops sites and advertisers from sending targeted ads to you but also makes it harder for hackers and cybercriminals to access your sensitive information.

Firefox Private Network is currently free for desktop users in the US. It’s very easy to install it on your Firefox. As long as you live in the US, you can access Firefox Private Network and use it for free. Open the Firefox browser, go to its official website and click on “Add to Firefox“. If you are visiting from outside the US, it is not available to you. After installation, you will need to log in using your Firefox account. Then, get started with Firefox Private Network by enabling it on your Firefox browser. So you can surf the internet anonymously.

It’s very convenient for you to protect traffic only through Firefox. You can also deactivate this browser extension as you like. Because you may not be able to access certain websites with it.

Compared to a VPN, however, it only encrypts Internet traffic via the Firefox browser. Internet connections through other programs are still vulnerable to cyber attacks and online spies.

If you want to protect all your traffic through all programs, you can install the best VPN to your device.

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