IG VS. FPX How to Watch LoL World Championship 2019 Semi-finals Live?

The LOL S9 final will take place in Paris, France, on November 10, 2019. 4 four quarter-finals are currently preparing for the semi-finals. IG will face off against FPX that is also from the LPL division. While SKT will compete with G2. Only the winner of the semifinals will play in the final match for the title. The semifinals will be held in Madrid, Spain this weekend. Let’s see which team can book a place in the finals.

We’re going to watch a game between 2 LPL teams on November 2nd. That is to say, an LPL team will not be able to compete for the world champion. At the same time, we are sure that LPL has booked a place at the final stage. Two winners will go to Paris, France to compete for the S9 title.

Well, do you know who’s going to be the winner of the first semi-final?

Considering both IG and FPX are strong, we are happy to watch a game between the two LPL teams. And it would not shock us no matter who wins the game.  

As the first seed of LPL, FunPlus Phoenix is stronger than we think. Not to mention its good performance in the quarter-finals. Although it had bad performance in the group stage, it finally proved itself by taking down FNC, the second seed from Europe.   

IG has gone through ups and downs since MSI this year. But IG’s performance has improved since Ning returned to the second round of the group stage. When faced with GRF, Korea’s second seed, no one thought IG would defeat GRF. But IG convinced 3-1 win.  

Besides, the quarter-final match between SKT and G2 will also be interesting.

With the semifinals and finals approaching, it is time to find how to live stream the matchups. Thankfully, all the matchups are free to live stream on the official website of Riot Games. On Twitch and YouTube, you can also watch the semi-finals and the final live for free.

If you are upset because you do not have access to these websites in certain countries or regions, you need a VPN to unblock websites.  

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