How to Stop ISP from Tracking You

Websites are collecting your information without your knowledge. They are able to record browsing history and other specific information that should be only accessible to yourself, which makes you insecure.

For instance, if you complete the form on the website and press Enter, you are sending information to the person who runs the site. If this information is sent by the computer to other people, they may intercept it and possibly read it. They can even sell it to third parties like advertisers.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) protects Internet traffic by using encryption technologies to transmit it. It restores privacy and builds an encrypted tunnel between the device and the VPN server. No matter where you surf, VPN can mask your location on websites and shield others from collecting data and identifying you or your business. Personal VPN users take advantage of this feature to stop sites like Amazon from tracking them. What’s more, you can spy on your competitors as many times as you like by hiding yourself behind a VPN, and no one will ever know.

There are also some troubles in life that can be solved by VPN. If you try to gain access to a financial account from certain countries with high cybercrime rates, you are likely to be blocked by the bank. By using a VPN to mask a site, problems can be avoided. For example, a person using a VPN in Seattle, Washington may connect to a server in Munich, Germany. The VPN replaces your actual IP address and location with the VPN server you are using. It is also a useful tool for bypassing content restrictions and accessing blocked websites.

VPN can be configured on the router to protect the entire Internet connection from head to toe. Anyone who is connected to this wireless network can prevent websites from gathering information. Come and get your own VPN. Try the most popular VPN services – IPVanish, VyprVPN, RitaVPN, etc.

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