How to Keep Your Home Security Camera from Being Hacked?

Home security cameras are used by many people to make their houses safer. Whenever and wherever they want to know the condition of their home, they can access the camera through an app on their mobile phones. However, if you choose a fake home security camera or install it in a private place, your daily life might be monitored. Not only you but also many people can know what’s happening at your home via your camera.

It is true that no one wants to be exposed to the public. Even more terrible is that they don’t even know. To effectively prevent this from happening, you should follow our instructions to secure your home security camera.

How do I choose a home security camera?

  • Choose a well-known brand

Brand and price must be considered in the purchase of a home security camera. In general, the high price means that the cost is also high and the camera is more reliable in its safety. In the meanwhile, some well-known brands will provide better technical support and after-sales services.

  • Choose a camera with high-level encryption technology

Although your data won’t be completely safe, high-level encryption technology is sure to reduce the risks of data breaches.

  • Secondary password

You should choose a camera that enables you to set a secondary password for the APP. Whenever you access the camera on the app, you will be asked to fill in the secondary password, which makes your camera more secure.

How to use a home security camera?

  • Don’t monitor private areas

In most cases, your private image is exposed because you put it in a private place. So, it is recommended that you don’t monitor private areas.

  • Block your camera if there is someone at home

This is probably the most effective way that is adopted by many people, including the well-known Facebook founder, Zuckerberg.

  • Don’t share your camera with others

Your privacy would be compromised unintentionally by sharing your camera with some else.

  • Create a hard-to-crack password for your camera

When setting passwords, you should try to use strong passwords. Do not choose regular passwords and passwords that can be guessed out by acquaintances with ease.

The safety of your camera is very important. Besides, you should also pay attention to your safety while you are online. Thus, a VPN is necessary for you to browse websites safely and anonymously.

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