How to Bypass School Internet Filters

It’s back to school season, students need to make full preparation for school. There is one thing they shouldn’t forget if they want to bypass school Internet filters: that is a VPN.

What is school Internet filter?

School Internet filtering means access to certain websites is blocked via a central filtering system operated by school. For example, social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Discord and even Facebook Messenger and online gaming.

Why schools set Internet filters?

Schools are doing this to prevent overuse of data which slows down Internet speed, increase student productivity, and above all, protect student safety online. 

This is extremely inconvenient for students living in the school. Although there are inappropriate materials on the Internet like pornography, students may fall addicted to online gaming or download copyrighted material, they also need to use the Internet to study.

To easily bypass school WiFi filters, we recommend you use well-trusted VPN services. RitaVPN is a good choice.

You’d better download and install it to your device before you go to school because your school WiFi restrictions might prevent you from downloading a VPN. Besides, some schools try to block VPNs. So, make sure your VPN is reliable and works.

You do not even need technical skills. Once you’ve taken a VPN with you, you can not only bypass Internet filters in school but also prevents your school from monitoring you. In addition, you can browse anonymously so that cybercriminals can not track your location. Your online privacy is under the protection of the VPN.

It bypasses the school’s WiFi limitations by masking your online activity with the WiFi network that connects to the Internet. Not only can you surf the internet without restrictions, but you can also keep your online activities to yourself.

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